I randomly checked my bank account this morning someone tried taking out $500 thru my PayPal . I had a nsf charge of $45 on it. Went in and since the ASSHAT didn’t get anything they aren’t going to pursue a fraud investigation. They got rid of the nsf for me and i changed my bank card just in case

Just got home from the hospital had my gallbladder removed yesterday. No sleep last night and I’m not tired yet wtf lol. Glad one of my roommates had the same problem so we chatted most of the night. I did 20 laps too lol

Surgery went well doc had to repair a hernia says any bigger might of pinched off my bladder. They are keeping me over night as a precaution cuz of my sleep apnea. I can’t sleep in the hospital for some reason. Other than a 2 hour zone out.